420 is just around the corner–the perfect time to scope out a gift for your favorite cannabis enthusiast – or yourself of course! To help, we rounded up some of our favorite cannabis products that will be sure to impress anyone on your 420 gift list. 

Boveda Two-Way Humidity Control Packs 

Boveda two-way humidity control packs prevent the evaporation of water weight as well as terpenes, the organic chemicals found in cannabis that give the flower its unique aroma and subtle taste. This keeps buds from drying out, maximizing potency and flavor. The packs are available in two sizes including Boveda Size 4, perfect for small stash containers, small bags and pre-roll tins, and Boveda Size 8, for larger stashes that protect up to one ounce of flower. When choosing from Boveda’s RH (Relative Humidity) levels (58% or 62%), it’s a personal preference. The 58% RH packs are ideal for consumers in a humid environment or those who prefer drier bud while the 62% RH packs are ideal for arid or dry climates and for consumers who prefer a stickier flower. Boveda size 4 packets are available in ten-packs for $14.99.  Boveda size 8 packets are available in ten-packs for $16.99. For information or to purchase, visit BovedaInc.com

Boveda Mini Toker Gift Bundle

Looking for the perfect cannabis themed gift to celebrate 420? The Boveda Mini Toker Gift Bundle is ideal for flower lovers of all types and it has everything you need to keep bud fresh longer, and at its best, for a premium smoking experience. The convenient Boveda Mini Toker Gift Bundle includes one small shatter-proof CVault airtight stainless steel storage container (3.25” x 1.75”) that stores up to 14 grams of flower, and one 10-pack of Boveda’s Terpene Shield two-way humidity control packets, making it the ideal solution to keep your stash fresh no matter the climate conditions. Boveda packs create a monolayer of purified water molecules to preserve flower and keep it fresh longer. Simply place the easy-to-use Boveda pack, available in 58% and in 62% RH options, into the specially engineered CVault lid, drop in your flower, and twist to preserve the terpenes, trichomes, aroma, fresh flavor and effectiveness of your flower for up to six months. The Mini Toker Gift Bundle by Boveda, the global leader in humidity control products, retails at $40.98 and is available at Bovedainc.com.

Copperstate Farms’ 0.5-gram Cold Cure Live Rosin All-in-One Cartridge

The 0.5-gram Cold Cure Live Rosin All-in-One features single-source fresh frozen strains chosen for distinct terpenes and high potency that is pressed to express pure portable rosin into an all-in-one vape. This newly released product features proprietary hardware developed for specially for Copperstate cold cure live rosin with precise voltage, resistance, and timer to ensure a hit truly reminiscent of a dab. Choose your next adventure with a variety of strains. Available for $44 exclusively at Sol Flower Dispensaries across the Valley. Learn more at https://www.livewithsol.com/products/copperstate-farms-live-hash-rosin-all-in-one-grape-gas-500mg

Copperstate Farms’ Hashies

The new Hashies from Copperstate Farms are hash-infused, half-gram pre-rolls that are easy to share with two in each pack. They are made from press-grade hash and ground flower that’s blended, lightly cured, and sifted for a consistent burn and uniform infusion. Available for $18 exclusively at Sol Flower dispensaries across the Valley. Learn more at https://www.livewithsol.com/products/copperstate-farms-live-hash-rosin-all-in-one-grape-gas-500mg

Stardust My Bud Vase®

Add sparkle to your home or 420 festivities with the Stardust My Bud Vase®.  Perfectly proportioned at 12 inches tall and 5 inches wide, this thick textured glass decanter features hand-painted gold detailing with a matching topper. This statement piece that is both decorative and functional comes with a large clear bubble bowl and a gold cloisonné logo poker to clear your bowl. Also included in all pieces from this ultra-feminine brand are some stylish floral accents, their signature My Bud Vase® hang tag, and a certificate of authenticity. Stardust retails for $200 and extra custom bowls are available for $12 each. To purchase, visit www.mybudvase.com/products/stardust

Love Bud My Bud Vase® 

The perfect gift for 420 or anytime, Love Bud by My Bud Vase® is a celebration of our favorite plant. This charismatic little bubbler has a heart shaped neck that makes you happy every time to put it in your lips. Good things do indeed come in small packages as Love Bud is a petite 5.5 inches tall and features a beautifully designed male plant on one side and female plant on the other. Included with your Love Bud is a small black bubble bowl, and a faux cannabis leaf flower poker used to clear your bowl (bye bye bobbie pins and paper clips!), their signature hang tag, and a certificate of authenticity. It retails for $80. To purchase, visit www.mybudvase.com/products/love-bud

Coyōté My Bud Vase® 

Discrete and distinct. Clever and creative. Deceptive and daring. The lone Coyōté is a clever spirit animal who is believed to be a harbinger of change and transformation. The refined ceramic Coyōté My Bud Vase®  features a sand textured coating and a matte painted full-bodied base. It comes with a trendy succulent bowl poker and an accent bottle-brush flower that matches its lone stripe of color. Coyōté My Bud Vase® includes the vase (10 inches by 5 inches), a custom red bubble bowl, a fixed downstem, a succulent flower poker, and the signature My Bud Vase tag, and certificate of authenticity. It retails for $150, with additional custom bowls available for $10 each. To purchase, visit www.mybudvase.com/products/coyote

Fourtwenty Collections Apparel

A perfect gift that gives back, any item from the must-have Fourtwenty Collections Apparel line is sure to be the perfect fit. In these runway-worthy fashions, you can feel like a god or goddess in flowing pants, colorful tunics, tulle skirts, and more. There are unique jewelry items to choose from and all apparel purchases give back to underrepresented communities in need. Prices vary per item; find your perfect fit for the 420 holiday at www.420-skincare.com/queen-of-the-nile

Fourtwenty Collections Skincare

Pamper yourself with Fourtwenty Skincare products. The CBD (cannabidiol) in Fourtwenty Skincare products can help regulate pain by increasing your natural endocannabinoids, decreasing your inflammatory response, and desensitizing your pain receptors. CBD also helps elevate your natural levels of pain-relieving endocannabinoids by blocking your metabolism as they are traveling around your body. As a bonus, each product purchase benefits those in need—a win-win! Give the gift of skincare and giving back with Fourtwenty Collections’ exclusive soaps, bath bombs, and more. Prices vary per product; available at https://www.420-skincare.com/shop-skincare

Crop King Seeds from Rocket Seeds

The perfect gift for your favorite home grower, Rocket Seeds, an online purveyor of cannabis seeds for home growers, now offers Crop King Seeds. Consumers can now purchase from a diverse selection of autoflowering, feminized, high CBD, medical, and regular cannabis strains from Crop King Seeds. Crop King Seeds is now available through Rocket Seeds’ user-friendly, online platform that is home to an extensive database of cannabis seeds. Customers will have access to the most popular feminized strains from Crop King Seeds including former Cannabis Cup winner White Widow and Cali OG Kush Haze. Prices vary. Visit RocketSeeds.com/Crop-King-Seed to purchase. 

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