A strategic marketing communications agency.

You Know Your Story. We Know How To Tell It.

You Know Your Story.
We Know How To Tell It.

We stay ahead of the curve. Do you?

Proven Media is a full-service cannabis, lifestyle, and tech PR and marketing communications firm that creates and manages corporate messaging for your privately-owned or publicly-held company.
  • Amplify company and brand awareness.
  • Position executives as thought leaders.
  • Elevate credibility and expedite growth.
This firm offers a variety of professional products and services and including:
  • Corporate Communication Plans
  • Investor Communications
  • Press Releases and News Briefs
  • Media Relationship Management
  • Brand Development
  • Crisis Communications
  • Social Media and Influencer Programs
  • Content Creation
  • Editorial and Feature Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Media Lists
  • Advertising and PR Campaigns
  • Event and Conference Promotion
  • Speaker Opportunity Development
  • Award Nominations
  • Media Tours & Press Conferences






Media Magic

As we work with our clients to better define the people behind the brand and refine their key messaging, the magic starts to happen and the media takes notice. We maintain relationships with well-known national publications, local and regional outlets, and industry trades to show them how you are relevant to the current news cycle and keep them informed of your latest brand success.

Let’s Create Your Success Story

Give us a call or tell us about you and we’ll reach out to start creating your success story!

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