While 4/20 is a well-known cannabis holiday for businesses and consumers alike, 7/10 remains a more niche celebration of cannabis culture. How do retailers target their marketing campaigns to maximize the holiday’s potential? We’ll take a closer look at 420 vs 710 marketing in this blog. 

4/20 vs 7/10 marketing demographics

Whether they keep up with the cannabis world or not, most people know about 4/20. The holiday attracts a broad crowd, including medical and recreational users across different consumption habits. The same cannot be said for 7/10. 

Awareness and celebration of the 7/10 holiday remain much smaller than 4/20 because it focuses on one segment of the market: concentrates. Brands can use this to their advantage with a little bit of planning. 

Tips for 710 marketing success

Below are some ways to ensure your 710 marketing campaigns are a success:

Awareness through repetition 

As the holiday approaches, companies looking to create successful 7/10 cannabis marketing campaigns should tease the upcoming event for awareness. The average consumer doesn’t have the same awareness of 7/10 as they do for the popular 4/20 holiday. 

If you plan to have sales or promotions to celebrate, be sure to tease the upcoming holiday in the days and weeks leading up to it. Put up in-store flyers, send out texts or newsletters, and post social media graphics that announce the impending holiday and also explain what the term “710” means. 

Word of mouth is a great tool for this, too. In the weeks leading up to the holiday, train your budtenders to make mention of the upcoming holiday when ringing up customers purchasing concentrates. Be targeted in your approach. There’s no need to announce an upcoming 7/10 sale to customers who only purchase flower or pre-rolls. Spend your efforts on those who already have an interest in concentrates. 

Make sure you send out day-of reminders, too. The 7/10 holiday is not as recognizable as 4/20 and many would-be customers may not see the connection when they look at their calendars. 

Curate promotions based on data

Customers love sales—if the products are desirable. Use past sales data to your advantage to see what brands and products customers are actually buying. Unlike 4/20, which celebrates every type of cannabis product, you need to customize your 7/10 campaigns to a handful of specific concentrate brands and product types. While a good rule of thumb is to focus on the most potent and pure products in your inventory, if your sales data shows that your top concentrate purchases stray from that trend, curate your promotions accordingly.  

Have extra staff on hand 

If you properly advertise your 7/10 promotions and sales, you should expect an influx of concentrate-loving customers visiting your store on the holiday. While it’s typically not as busy as 4/20, it is always a good idea to have some additional staff on hand to accommodate the extra traffic. 

If your store doesn’t see the kind of traffic it was expecting, not all is lost. Have some budtenders on the floor asking customers if they know about 7/10 and guide them toward your promotions if they show interest. 

Utilize giveaways and raffles 

Giveaways and raffles provide another great way to engage customers and spread 7/10 awareness. While non-concentrate users may not be willing to buy an on-sale item, they may be much more willing to enter a raffle or giveaway. If they like the product they win, you may see them come back for future purchases. 

Partner with local restaurants or businesses

You can also spread the word through partnerships with other businesses. We recommend looking at local munchie-forward restaurants, such as burger joints or pizza parlors. Put together a fun dab-related campaign where you both can benefit from funneling customers in, and watch your sales skyrocket. 

The bottom line 

Marketing campaigns for 7/10 must follow a different approach than 4/20 campaigns. While 4/20 is a broad holiday that encompasses all types of products, 7/10 is a much more niche event. Use this to your advantage. With some careful planning and fun campaign ideas, your dispensary may see big returns on the lesser-known holiday.

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