New, sustainably grown, specialty cured cannabis strains now found at Sol Flower locations across the Valley for a limited time.

PHOENIX, Ariz. (May 22, 2023) — Copperstate Farms, a Phoenix-based cannabis company, today announced the debut of its new Limited Harvest cannabis flower, to be exclusively sold at Sol Flower dispensary locations across the Valley. The large, hand-trimmed, cultivator selected, specialty cured nugs are available in five tasty, limited edition strains including First Class Funk, Grapple Pie, Grape Gas, Gastro Pop, and HSCF.

The strains have been sourced from the premium breeders’ Compound Genetics and Full Moon Genetics, and are sustainably grown in a greenhouse setting in northern Arizona that is powered by the sun. According to company COO, Tim Nolan, “Cannabis grown under the sun receives the beneficial impact of nature’s full-spectrum light, covering all wavelengths to produce the most desirable terpene and cannabinoid profiles.”

Copperstate Farms is one of the largest greenhouse cannabis producers in North America and home to 1.7 million square feet of canopy and 40 acres under glass. All Limited Harvest strains contain large buds and test at a THC level of more than 20%. The flower is slow dried for 9-12 days and cured for at least 30 days.

The new Limited Harvest strain profiles include:

  • First Class Funk: This must-try strain is a cross between GMO x Jet Fuel Gelato. Dominant terpene profiles include caryophyllene, myrcene and terpinolene, creating an aroma of diesel and fruity with some grape and spice. Bred by Compound Genetics.
  • Gastro Pop #4: Gastro Pop #4 is a cross between Apples and Bananas, and Grape Gasoline. There’s a strong fruity diesel nose leaving you with a sweet, earthy flavor. Bred by Compound Genetics.
  • Grape Gas: A cross between Grape Pie x Jet Fuel Gelato with a strong almost pungent grape aroma with hints of diesel. Dominant terpene profiles include myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene. Bred by Compound Genetics.
  • Grapple Pie: Grapple Pie is a cross between Apple Fritter x Grape Gasoline, giving off an aroma of grape, diesel and tart candy. Bred by Compound Genetics.
  • HFCS: HFCS is a cross between Oz Kush (Zkittles x Eddy Lepp OG) x GMO with a nose of gassy, earthy funk. Bred by Full Moon Genetics.

Copperstate Farms’ new Limited Harvest flower is available exclusively at Sol Flower dispensaries in the Phoenix metro area, including Sun City, Tempe McClintockTempe University, Scottsdale, and Deer Valley. For information on each location, including these new deals and other news and discounts, visit

Copperstate Farms is dedicated to bringing growth to the local and state economy through the hiring of local workers, material suppliers, and contractors. For more information, visit


About Copperstate Farms Management, LLC:
Established in 2016, Copperstate Farms Management, LLC, is a vertically integrated cannabis operator headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. The company manages the licensed production and distribution of cannabis and operates a 1.7-million-square-foot greenhouse in Snowflake, Arizona, on behalf of licensed entity Holistic Patient Wellness Group, Inc. (License #00000019DCGM00234427 and #00000015ESEM68131310).

Copperstate Farms is the parent company of multiple product suites and dispensary retail concept Sol Flower, with locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sun City, and two in Tempe, Arizona. The Sun City retail operation includes a public-facing café and wellness classroom.

Copperstate Farms is dedicated to bringing growth to the local and state economy through the hiring of local workers, material suppliers, and contractors. For more information, visit

About Sol Flower:

Owned by Copperstate Farms, Sol Flower is a community space and cannabis dispensary that empowers wellness for all. At the Sun City location, Sol Flower has created a safe and welcoming space where people can learn and educate themselves about the many facets of cannabis through events, such as weekly classes and seminars. The Tempe McClintockTempe University, and Scottsdale locations offer the same SOL standard customer service and a passion to help medical and recreational cannabis consumers on their way to wellness. To learn more, visit

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