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Catri THC-infused gummies offer bold, hispanic flavors that pay homage to the co-founders’ Mexican roots and are now available in Arizona.


PHOENIX, Ariz., June 21, 2022 — RR Brothers, a cannabis edibles brand, today announced the launch of their Latin-American inspired product line, Catri. The THC-infused gummies are now available in nine different flavors for recreational and medical purchase at Sticky Saguaro, Ponderosa, The Mint, JARS, Nirvana, Nature’s Wonder, Green Pharms, Kind Meds, and Oasis dispensaries throughout Arizona.

Led by twin brothers with over a 100-year family legacy of candy making, RR Brothers brings confectionery expertise to the cannabis market with Catri’s authentic and complex flavor profiles.

“This new product line honors La Catrina, the queen of Dia De Los Muertos,” said Roberto Laposse, CEO and co-founder of RR Brothers. “Drawing inspiration from our upbringing in Mexico, we’ve developed a line of bold, nostalgic flavors that reflect our cultural heritage.”

Thoughtfully formulated, Catri pays homage to traditional hispanic cuisine featuring piña colada, chamoy, horchata, tamarindo, dulce de leche, fresas con crema, mango tamarindo, platanito, and manzanita gummies. Each recipe is carefully crafted with quality ingredients to increase shelf life. All Catri products are vegan, gluten free, and packaged using sustainable food grade materials made in the U.S.

Established in 2020, RR Brothers is known for its savory edible confections that prioritize sensory appeal. The Company’s flagship product line of the same name features over a dozen classic fruit flavors as a counterpart to the robust and unusual profiles from Catri.

“Catri invites cannabis consumers to treasure the moment and celebrate the past,” explained Laposse.

RR Brothers plans to release new and seasonal Catri flavors throughout the year. To learn more about RR Brothers and Catri, visit

About Catri:

Established in 2022, Catri is the sister company to RR Brothers delivering nostalgic Latin-American THC infused gummies to the regulated Arizona cannabis market. Catri THC infused gummies are where tradition and culture meet great taste. In homage to La Catrina the queen of the Dia De Los Muertos, Catri brings southwest cannabis consumers nine authentic Mexican infused flavors with high quality ingredients and additional limited-edition seasonal varieties. Catri is led by twin brothers who bring over a 100-year candy making family legacy to the edible industry. To learn more visit and follow on social media @CatriGummies.

About RR Brothers:

Established in 2020, RR Brothers is an authorized cannabis edibles company headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma. The company is led by twin brothers with over a 100-year family legacy of candy making, bringing true confection to the cannabis industry. RR Brothers’ THC-infused gummies are pectin based, vegan, gluten free, and made with only natural ingredients and preservatives. The brand offers 12 classic flavors and limited-edition seasonal varieties. Hand crafted for the daily supplement consumer, RR Brothers is dedicated to providing a clean and consistent cannabis experience for patients and adult consumers by utilizing endogenous compounds to complement naturally occurring compounds in the human body. RR Brothers’ products are available for purchase in Oklahoma, Arizona, and additional markets by 2023. To learn more, visit and follow on social media @RRBrothersUSA.

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