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Learn to manage difficult emotions through Emotional Liberation Therapy


April 22, 2021; Tampa, FL—Fear and shame are seven of the core difficult emotions everyone struggles with and often go hand in hand to serve up a one-two punch. These emotions are conditioned responses and fire automatically if we don’t know how to interrupt the pattern.

Using Emotional Liberation Therapy, practitioner Becca Williams helps her students get to their personal triggers that set off the fear and shame response. By understanding the underlying personal trauma that sets them off, people can become mindful of what is happening unconsciously and take steps to interrupt the reaction.

“Fear and shame, along with the other core emotions are at the root of conditions like anxiety and depression,” explained Williams. “By digging into what causes those emotions to come up in a person we can tackle the real reason a person feels sad or anxious.”

Williams offers an Emotional Liberation Masterclass series where all of the core emotions are addressed in four modules. Registration is now open for the Summer of Your Awakening course, which deals with fear and shame. The program is entirely online, allowing anyone with an Internet connection to join from anywhere in the world.

“Because of this work, I don’t feel so scared or lost or unsure these days and when I am, I ask the question: “how quickly can I get back in my flow?” said Laura Curry, a client. “Layers of loss, confusion and intergenerational trauma are lifting because I’m stronger and more attuned to what I need than ever before.”

Williams’ is one of only a handful of certified Emotional Liberation practitioners, and the only one to weave the use of cannabis into her work.

Using cannabis or CBD in a therapeutic setting allows individuals to better access their subconscious, amplifying emotions and allowing walls to come down that give a person a chance to see past trauma they had been blocking.

“The cannabis isn’t the solution, it’s more like a mental lubricant,” said Williams. “It’s like a truth serum.”

Williams, who is on the board of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, advises patients on what is the best CBD or cannabis for their individual needs. The cannabis is integrated with the meditation portion of a session.

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About Becca Williams
Becca Williams is an emotions therapist and educator who specializes in cannabis-assisted emotional & trauma recovery. Her practice integrates ancient healing modalities that utilize expressive movement and breathwork techniques with the judicious use of cannabis. Becca is a registered dietitian/nutritionist, a certified Emotional Liberation® facilitator and a long-time cannabis advocate and activist. She holds certificates from in Cannabis Core Curriculum, Dosage Protocols & Methodologies, CBD Essentials and Clinical Application. Becca has worked as a group facilitator, speaker, and mentor for personal and collective transformation for more than two decades. She was the founder of MJ Straight Talk, which aired on the Free Speech Network.

Becca is on the board of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine and a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and NORMAL.

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