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The nonprofit organization provides cannabis education, empowerment, and equity for communities impacted by the War on Drugs.


PHOENIX Ariz. (June 16, 2022) — Established Arizona cannabis entrepreneur Shansan “Chance” Chambers, today announced the launch of the new 501(c)3 nonprofit, the Arizona Black Cannabis Trade Association. The nonprofit provides cannabis education, empowerment, and equity in an effort to support a community previously targeted by the War on Drugs.

The nonprofit’s educational resources encompass an eight-course program beginning with Cannabis History 101 and concluding with How to Invest in the Cannabis Industry. The comprehensive business modules teach attendees about the industry, the cannabis plant, and how to start a plant-touching operation or ancillary business.

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) recently announced the winners of the coveted 26 social equity licenses. With predatory practices reported and ongoing criticism of the social equity program rules, Chambers designed the ABCTA to help social equity applicants and winners receive the best cannabis consulting, guidance and resources.

Chambers was inspired to join the industry after alternative medicine helped his grandmother during her cancer chemotherapy treatments. Chambers now has over seven years of experience in the cannabis industry and owns two companies aside from ABCTA, 420 Ultimate Tours is one of the first Arizona cannabis tourism experiences, and Mwisho Blunts is a tobacco free blunt line providing the community a healthier alternative to chemical filled blunt wraps.

“It all starts with one person who wants to make a difference,” said Chambers, “I have made the conscious effort in any business venture I dive into, to always make sure I am positively impacting the community and do all I can to assist people in need.”

To get involved with the ABCTA or for more information, visit or follow on social media @arizonablackcannabis.



Established in 2021, the Arizona Black Cannabis Trade Association (ABCTA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit aiming to eliminate racial disparities in the Arizona cannabis industry by providing education, empowerment, and equity for the black community. ABCTA works closely with cannabis businesses and nonprofits who support demographics affected by the War on Drugs, ensuring the black community is not taken advantage of with predatory practices, and has equal access to resources. ABCTA assists with getting started in the cannabis industry, seeking out investment opportunities, job placement, funding, education, and more. ABCTA is committed to the black community and economic development within the Arizona cannabis industry by advocating for black patients, businesses, and consumers. To learn more about ABCTA or how to get involved, visit or @arizonablackcannabis.

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