The universally compatible dual cartridge system is engineered for custom fusions of cannabis terpenes, CBD and hemp vapor products.

PHOENIXDec. 13, 2022 — Engineered by Stak’d™Exstax™ is a cannabis technology company and developer of the first stackable vape cartridge design giving consumers the ability to mix, match, and combine cartridges. The easy-to-use patented system is ideal for vapeable, oil-soluble compounds CBD, CBN, CBG, THC, terpenes, and other popular cannabinoids.

The technology empowers consumers to create custom fusions of their favorite cannabis strains for a personalized vapor experience. Consumers looking to utilize cannabis or hemp for relief from what ails them, can blend any two cartridges of their choosing to create a harmonious ensemble of combined cannabinoids.

“Hybrid strains are nothing new in the cannabis industry, as demonstrated by the popularity of cannabinoid ratioed flower and gummies. The ability to create this same experience for vape consumers is revolutionary and a fresh marketing concept for retailers,” said Rick Avila, company co-founder, co-CEO, and inventor of the patented technology.

Avila’s partner and ExStax co-CEO, Chris Botti, emphasized widespread interest since the launch in October from multi and single-state operators to wholesalers.”I knew it was an interesting concept, but ultimately had no idea that it would turn out to be such a valuable asset to retailers and brands alike.”

ExStax is focused on collaborative distribution of the technology and is securing partnerships in ColoradoCalifornia, and other states across the country. The ExStax system offers a medium for cross-brand synergy, an emerging value of the nascent cannabis industry.

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About ExStax™

Established in 2022 and based in Mesa, Arizona, ExStax™ is a cannabis technology company and developer of the industry’s first stackable vape cartridge. The patented technology is a dual cartridge system, compatible and stackable with every .510 cartridge in the legal marketplace. The innovative design is available in .3, .5, .7, and 1.0ml carts with custom aperture holes for different vapor liquids.

Focused on innovation without limitation, and led by co-CEOs and co-founders, Rick Avila and Chris Botti, ExStax’s™ mission is to deliver the most original, personalized, and inspirational product experience possible. The ExStax™ team consists of carefully selected cultivation, extraction, and business partners, to create proprietary technology solutions and premium products. For more information, visit, Instagram @exstax_, or email

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