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Clinical use of psychedelics gains mainstream appeal for mental health


May 17, 2021; Tampa, FL—When the New York Times runs a story about how psychedelics are going to redefine psychiatry it’s clear that “doing shrooms” is no longer counter culture, but is now poised to be an alternative medicine option for the nearly 795 million people globally who suffer from mood disorders.

For several years Emotional Liberation® therapist Becca Williams, has enhanced this unique modality with the judicious use of cannabis to help her clients process and release difficult emotions. Starting this summer Williams is also including the option for her students to microdose psilocybin in her masterclass courses.

Although psilocybin can be a potent psychedelic, at the microdose level psilocybin has a “sub-perceptual” effect on a person’s day-to-day activities. That is a person may “perceive” subtle changes – yet microdosing doesn’t affect the senses in an acutely disruptive way – there’s no hallucinogenic effect or ‘high’.

Yet tiny amounts of the substance have the potential to quell anxiety and irritability, relieve depression and boredom, increase creativity and sociability and provide a greater overall sense of self-assurance.

“My Emotional Liberation work is a form of self-therapy where I teach you how to process and release difficult emotions,” explained Williams. “As a clinician, I’m convinced that small amounts of psilocybin mushrooms via a microdosing protocol are an effective tool to deepen this emotional and trauma release work. The long and enduring history of psilocybin mushrooms in traditional cultures underscores its ability to support this inner exploration and now Western research is affirming this.”

Williams offers her Emotional Liberation® program online. More information is available here.

About Becca Williams
Becca Williams is an emotions therapist and educator who specializes in cannabis-assisted emotional & trauma recovery. Her practice integrates ancient healing modalities that utilize expressive movement and breathwork techniques with the judicious use of cannabis. Becca is a registered dietitian/nutritionist, a certified Emotional Liberation® facilitator and a long-time cannabis advocate and activist. She holds certificates from in Cannabis Core Curriculum, Dosage Protocols & Methodologies, CBD Essentials and Clinical Application. She is on the board of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine and a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. Becca has worked as a group facilitator, speaker, and mentor for personal and collective transformation for more than two decades. She was the founder of MJ Straight Talk, which aired on the Free Speech TV Network.

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