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This new Third-Party Logistics (3PL) And Freight Forwarding Software helps to simplify systems, improve costs, and save time on international shipments


PHOENIX – (May 9, 2022) – DIZPOT, a compliant branding, technology and packaging company for the regulated cannabis industry, today launched a new division of its company, DIZLOGIC. DIZLOGIC touts proprietary Third-Party Logistics (3PL) and Freight Forwarding software for international transport services to solve cannabis supply chain challenges.

Recently, many cannabis license operators have struggled to find cost-effective and reliable shipping solutions for their packaging due to supply chain issues. DIZPOT, a leading cannabis packaging supplier, recognized the industry’s need for more advanced logistical support when moving branded packaging pieces from one facility to the next. Supply chain in general has been an overarching strain on many American businesses, which was recently addressed by the White House in its announcement of the Freight Logistics Optimization Works (FLOW) initiative.

“Many mainstream 3PL and freight forwarding companies do not understand the intricacies of the cannabis industry. For cannabis brands, compliance issues that could arise from labeling on a box or misunderstanding of contents in the containers could create a major delay or even seizure,” explained John Hartsell, CEO and co-founder at DIZPOT. After learning from hundreds of cannabis license operators and its own customers the shipping challenges they were facing, DIZPOT decided to expand upon its single-source solution business model.

Already specializing in procurement with a satellite office overseas in Shenzhen, China, DIZPOT had the foundation, expertise, and capabilities to evolve and provide a solution for the industry’s current supply chain problem. These problems led to the creation of DIZLOGIC, DIZPOT’s own software to track shipments from overseas to home base and in turn communicate the status of a customer’s order at every step of the process. The company also offers on-the-ground support in China to coordinate shipments and Less Than Container (LCL) freight sharing to help save costs on shipping.

This new division powered by DIZPOT provides expanded offerings to help customers streamline international packaging shipments by forecasting accurate lead times, successfully keeping track of packages, and ensuring timely delivery to one or multiple locations in the United States. DIZLOGIC also helps prevent supply chain disruptions by anticipating and planning for compliance updates and policy changes that prevent packages from leaving or arriving at ports. The team of this new division is responsible for scheduling new orders based on dispensary sales projections and navigating natural disasters and other unexpected challenges with its proprietary technology and resources.

“We had an instance where branded alcohol wipes were held at the port, and we were sent a letter that the package was being seized for not having ‘proper medical documentation’. With our experience in moving millions of packages with cartridges, batteries, and other ancillary items for the cannabis industry each month, we were able to explain to the authorities why it was legal to import these goods. If a company was moving its own packages and had this issue, it would take costly hours to resolve, and may still result in the packages being seized,” said Jeff Scrabeck, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder at DIZPOT.

By creating new technology and software adapted for the needs of the cannabis industry, DIZPOT is now positioned to pivot to national supply chain and distribution needs when federal legalization comes to fruition. While infrastructure has been established state by state, interstate commerce will soon become more viable for the burgeoning cannabis industry.

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Founded by John Hartsell and Jeff Scrabeck in 2017, DIZPOT is a global cannabis branding and packaging company with custom technologies for highly regulated markets. Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., DIZPOT produces millions of packages every month, providing its customers with a single-source solution to compliantly and competitively bring products to market. Leveraging its extensive international logistics network and proprietary technology, the company works with thousands of cannabis brands servicing both small businesses and multi-state operators. Renowned for its Old School Service approach, DIZPOT puts its customers first, providing a one-hundred percent guarantee on the quality of its finished goods.

DIZPOT services include compliance-driven branding and logo design, cannabis and hemp-specific packaging, logistics, creative subscription plans, industry-targeted technologies, and in-house DOSS cartridge solutions. DIZPOT is located at 2430 W. Mission Lane #6 in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information visit or phone 602-795-4499.

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