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“Solventless is the truest expression of the cannabis plant,” said Tim Nolan, Copperstate Farms’ COO.

PHOENIX, Ariz. (July 6, 2023) — Copperstate Farms, a Phoenix-based cannabis company, today announced the launch of multiple solventless cannabis extract products that will debut just in time for 710 exclusively at Sol Flower dispensaries across the Phoenix metro area.

 July 10 – or 710 – is the canna community’s popular holiday for celebrating cannabis oil products, dabs and concentrates. 710, also called Dab Day, celebrates cannabis extracts such as hash oil, shatter and wax. The name comes from the number 710, which when turned upside down, resembles the word “OIL,” a term often used for these kinds of products. Solventless concentrates are made from the cannabis flower without the use of any chemicals and are becoming popular among cannabis consumers.

Copperstate Farms is one of the largest greenhouse cannabis producers in North America and home to 1.7 million square feet of canopy and 40 acres under glass. It is also the home to a sophisticated, high tech product development and manufacturing facility, led by veteran lab director, Mitch Lindback, AKA the “Sauce Boss.”

According to company COO, Tim Nolan, “Solventless is the truest expression of the cannabis plant, and all Copperstate Farms’ solventless products start with our exclusive cannabis grown under the sun. We focus on curating the best possible solventless experience at an approachable price point.”

Copperstate Farms is releasing multiple top-quality concentrate products on 710, including:

      Copperstate Farms’ Limited Run Full Melt Hash: The purest form of trichomes with a residue-free dab every time.

      Copperstate Farms’ Live Resin Jam: A fully solventless terpene-rich concentrate that has a great consistency and stronger shelf life.

      Jukebox Cosmic Tokens: A 5-pack of .2g strain-specific pressed hash tokens that are a potent and effortless way to enhance the flower experience.

      Jukebox All-In-One Rechargeable Vapes: With multiple flavors, these all-in-ones (AIO) rechargeable vapes use the highest quality botanical terpenes on the market.

      Jukebox Shatter: One gram and 3.5g of strain specific shatter that’s an affordable intro into concentrates.

Solventless cannabis products are on the rise and a top product trend this year, according to recent statistics from cannabis market analyst firm BDSA. In fact, from June 2021-June 2022, BDSA research also showed that the category grew an average of 132% each month.

Copperstate Farms’ new solventless cannabis products, launching just in time for 710 celebrations, are available exclusively at Sol Flower dispensaries in the Phoenix metro area, including Sun City, Tempe McClintock, Tempe University, Scottsdale, and Deer Valley. For information on each location, including these new deals and other news and discounts, visit

Copperstate Farms is dedicated to bringing growth to the local and state economy through the hiring of local workers, material suppliers, and contractors. For more information, visit


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