New research suggests that CBD could help fight the deadly virus


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Aug. 17, 2020)— As scientists worldwide race to find treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19, several recent studies found that CBD might help fight coronavirus.

Research from the University of Lethbridge suggests CBD sativa extracts modulate ACE-2 gene expression. ACE-2 is a protein that sits on the surface of many human cells and is key in things like inflammation, blood pressure and wound healing. The shape of the ACE-2 gene attracts the mace-like spike proteins that project from SARS-CoV-2 and allow the virus to gain access to the body. The more ACE-2 expression, the higher the likelihood of virus entering tissue. According to the study, 13 of the cannabis strains that are particularly high in anti-inflammatory CBD, modulate ACE-2 gene expression in COVID-19 gateway tissues. While further large-scale validation is needed, the research suggests CBD could reduce the virus by up to 80 percent.

Another study from Augusta University found CBD could help the most severe COVID-19 cases by reducing lung inflammation by mitigating ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), one of the most dangerous symptoms of the disease that occurs when the body’s inflammatory response goes into overdrive. The study found CBD might be able to fight the pro-inflammatory cytokine production that causes the issue. CBD was tested on mice with ARDS. Their symptoms were totally or partially reduced after treatment with CBD.

Dr. Elaine Burns, the first Arizona healthcare professional to pass the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine certification test, is available to interview to gain more insights into the possibility of CBD as a treatment for COVID-19. Dr. Burns is the founder and medical director of Southwest Medical Marijuana Physician’s Group in Scottsdale.

Top orthopedic and sports doctors regularly refer patients to Dr. Burns, as does Barrow Neurologic Institute and Banner Health. She also is the creator of DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ products, which offers CBD tinctures, creams, soaking salts, drops and lozenges.

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