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Working with Tribal Cannabis Consultants the Yerington-Paiute Tribe has revitalized


Yerington, NV; March 1, 2021 – According to MJBiz Daily in 2020 cannabis was a $15 billion dollar industry and with the help of Tribal Cannabis Consultants the Yerington-Paiute tribe in Nevada is able to get a piece of that pie.

For six years, Tribal Cannabis Consultants has helped the tribe establish and run its dispensary and cultivation facility. The cannabis businesses are employed 100 percent by members of the community.

“Economic development is tough in our area,” said Albert Roberts, chairman of the Yerington-Paiute Tribe’s cannabis board and chairman of the Inter-tribal Cannabis Commission. “When this came in it was a boon for us.”

According to Roberts, Tribal Cannabis Consultants was instrumental in securing the compact, dealing with regulations and agencies, and offering best practices for the dispensary and grow.

In the beginning, the tribe was apprehensive about an economy centered around cannabis but as the community learned and saw more, that changed.

“They saw how cannabis today isn’t about street deals, but that it’s a legitimate business,” said Roberts. “They realized that cannabis is really medicine. So many of our older residents now use it for pain and other medicinal reasons.”

The dispensary and cultivation facility are positively impacting the tribe’s balance sheet according to Scott Lommori, who is on the tribe’s cannabis board. While initial profits were put back into the businesses, the tribe is now exploring ideas of how to use the revenue to improve the community.

“While we have other businesses in the community, I believe cannabis is going to be the big one,” said Delmar Stevens, a member of the tribal cannabis board. “My big dream is to offer scholarships for college to our young people. With the future revenue, I forsee us able to do fantastic things for the community.

“Over the years the cannabis businesses can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax revenue for a tribe,” said Cassandra Dittus, president of Tribal Cannabis Consultants.

“What we know now about cannabis from what we know at the beginning is huge,” said Lommori. “Tribal Cannabis Consultants has been very instrumental in getting us where we are today.”


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