John Hartsell, CEO and co-founder at DIZPOT, donates $5,000 to adult-use marijuana ballot measure, Missouri Amendment 3.


PHOENIX, Ariz. (October 13, 2022) —DIZPOT, an Arizona-based global packaging, branding, and logistics company, continues to advocate for federal cannabis legalization while delivering financial support to state ballot campaigns. DIZPOT has contributed $5,000 to Missouri Amendment 3 that would legalize adult-use marijuana and automatically expunge past nonviolent cannabis offenses.

John Hartsell, co-founder and CEO at DIZPOT, has championed multiple pro-cannabis policy initiatives, including Prop 207 in 2020 that ultimately legalized recreational cannabis in Arizona. Now, he is advocating for reform in his home state of Missouri.

DIZPOT has committed to producing 50,000 ballot awareness stickers to be distributed over the next month in dispensary exit bags to Missouri medical marijuana patients.

“We are beyond grateful for this donation. Each sticker will help increase the awareness of our efforts to legalize adult-use marijuana in Missouri. Voting is so important on every level! Our hope is to inspire those who have benefitted from the legalization of medical cannabis to share their stories and get voters out to the polls on November 8,” stated John Payne, Legal Missouri 2022 Campaign Manager.

According to a recent SurveyUSA poll, 62% of registered Missouri voters are in favor of legalization.

“Though a majority of Missourans back recreational legalization, it’s essential to keep voters educated and informed. This initiative will make cannabis more accessible and expand business and economic opportunities statewide,” stated Hartsell.

Missouri is one of five states with adult-use ballot measures up for vote in November. Over the past two years, eight U.S. states have passed legalization measures bringing the total number of recreational programs to 19. In addition to these recent policy milestones on the state-level, President Biden’s statement pardoning all Federal offenses of simple possession of marijuana has brought the topic of national legalization to the political forefront.

“Decriminalized cannabis is the only logical next step in the saga of newly legalized cannabis marketplaces across the United States. Senseless prosecutions and incarceration of non-violent criminals must stop. This is one of many steps necessary to accomplishing a fair and equitable justice system,” said Hartsell.

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Founded by John Hartsell and Jeff Scrabeck in 2017, DIZPOT is a global cannabis branding and packaging company with custom technologies for highly regulated markets. Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., DIZPOT produces millions of packages every month, providing its customers with solutions to compliantly and competitively bring products to market. Leveraging its extensive international logistics network and proprietary technology, the company works with thousands of cannabis brands servicing both small businesses and multi-state operators. Renowned for its old school service approach, DIZPOT puts its customers first, providing a one-hundred percent guarantee on the quality of its finished goods.

DIZPOT services include compliance-driven branding and logo design, cannabis and hemp-specific packaging, logistics, creative subscription plans, industry-targeted technologies, and in-house DOSS cartridge solutions. DIZPOT is located at 2430 W. Mission Lane #6 in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information visit or phone 602-795-4499.

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