DIZPOT, a global cannabis packaging, branding, and logistics company, provides cannabis businesses with tools for success, including in-demand cartridges and batteries from DOSS Carts.

PHOENIX, Ariz. (March 13, 2023) Vapor pens are the second-largest category by revenue behind flower in the U.S. cannabis market, bringing in billions of dollars in sales. DIZPOT, a global cannabis packaging, branding and logistics company with custom technologies for highly regulated markets, is helping cannabis businesses succeed by creating DOSS Carts, long-lasting vape cartridges and batteries that cannabis businesses can customize.

Cannabis consumers’ purchasing trends are leaning toward portable products, with vape cartridges taking up an average of 25% of the market share. One recent study predicts that the vape market will reach over $15 billion in sales by 2031. To help cannabis businesses to make sure they stand out in this growing market, DOSS Carts feature cartridges and batteries that cannabis businesses can have fully customized with their logo and branding by DIZPOT design experts. 

DIZPOT tests every DOSS Cart for impurities and heavy metals and every product is engraved with a batch number for ultimate quality assurance. The embedded ceramic coil in each DOSS Cart product evenly transmits heat throughout the core and never touches the oils, for the smoothest, most flavorful hits.

“DOSS Carts were created by industry leaders who understand how hard it is for cannabis businesses to find quality hardware, superior performance and dependable service,” said John Hartsell, co-founder and CEO at DIZPOT and DOSS Carts. “That’s why we specialize in creating cartridges and batteries for cannabis businesses that are long-lasting and impressive to those picking their products off the shelves.”

Hartsell added that each DOSS Cart is quality tested, comes with a 99%+ success rate, and delivers cannabis businesses with fast, quality shipping. Interested businesses can order a free sample kit of DOSS Cart here. To learn more about DOSS Carts, visit www.dosscarts.com

To learn more about DIZPOT, visit www.DIZPOT.com


Founded by John Hartsell and Jeff Scrabeck in 2017, DIZPOT is a global cannabis branding and packaging company with custom technologies for highly regulated markets. Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., DIZPOT produces millions of packages every month, providing its customers with solutions to compliantly and competitively bring products to market. Leveraging its extensive international logistics network and proprietary technology, the company works with thousands of cannabis brands servicing both small businesses and multi-state operators. Renowned for its old school service approach, DIZPOT puts its customers first, providing a one-hundred percent guarantee on the quality of its finished goods.

DIZPOT services include compliance-driven branding and logo design, cannabis and hemp-specific packaging, logistics, creative subscription plans, industry-targeted technologies, and in-house DOSS cartridge solutions. DIZPOT is located at 2430 W. Mission Lane #6 in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information visit DIZPOT.com or call 602-795-4499.

About DOSS Carts:

Established in 2021, DOSS Carts is a superior, customizable cartridge and battery product line manufactured, designed and owned by DIZPOT, a global packaging, branding and logistics company headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz. The company supplies the cannabis industry with high-quality hardware, proficient shipping, and exceptional customer service, aligning with the DIZPOT Old School Service values and keeping the products ahead of the curve. All DOSS Carts products are tested for impurities, heavy metals, and engraved with a batch number. To order a free sample of the DOSS Cart, click here. To learn more about DOSS Carts, visit www.dosscarts.com or call 602-795-4499. 


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