DIZPOT is a single-source solution for cannabis dispensaries and brands with offices in Arizona, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

PHOENIX, Ariz., (July 16, 2020) — DIZPOT, a single-source, compliant packaging partner for cannabis dispensaries and brands, has achieved national growth since expanding their services to include into a full-service graphic design and branding agency for the industry.

Established by founders John Hartsell and Jeff Scrabeck in 2017, DIZPOT quickly gained market share in compliant cannabis and hemp packaging services. The company has sold over 40 million units since inception, including more than 12 million units in the first half of 2020.

“We started out as a wholesaler but quickly pivoted into a custom packaging company. Since then it’s been a natural progression for us to incorporate design services. Now, we are truly a single-source solution for nearly 500 brands across multiple U.S. markets,” stated co-founder Scrabeck.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, DIZPOT serves small, boutique cannabis businesses as well as large-scale, multi-state operators including Curaleaf, Harvest, and Altmed.

“At any given time, DIZPOT will be actively working on 100 to 150 uniquely branded projects while also servicing the industry with generic inventory such as glass jars, pop tops, and joint tubes,” explained co-founder Hartsell.

In addition, the company has prioritized working with women-owned brands in its flagship Arizona market. DIZPOT has branding and packaging partnerships with Sharon Braunling of Hi Buddy products, Peggy Noonan of Oh Gee edibles, and Lori Hicks of Arizona Natural Concepts.

“Bolstering our local cannabis community is part of our business vision. We want to build a thriving, inclusive industry with brands designed for the diverse demographics of the cannabis space. Working with women-owned businesses and supporting their efforts is important to us,” said Hartsell.

DIZPOT operates warehouses in Arizona, Oklahoma, and China. The company plans to acquire an additional 15,000 square-feet in Arizona and 3,000 square-feet in Missouri by the end of 2020. For information visit


Established in 2017 with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, DIZPOT is a single-source solution, and distribution partner for cannabis dispensaries and brands. Company services include cannabis and hemp primary packaging and marketing, secondary layer packaging, full-service and subscription-based graphic design and branding, logistics services, and R&D for new product development.

DIZPOT has developed hundreds of brands and served small and large-scale, multi-state operators in U.S. state markets and Canada. The company offers global sourcing with additional offices and warehouses in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Shenzhen, China.

DIZPOT is located at 2430 W. Mission Lane #6 in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information visit or phone 602-795-4499.

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Vice President at Proven Media