“The Chill Pill provides a great delivery system for a consistently accurate dose. We are excited to add new products, expand our team, and bring science and technology to the expansion of business and the brand,” said Ally Biotech VP of Business Development, Francis Baczek

PAYSON, Ariz. — Ally Biotech, a science-based company and provider of leading-edge bioactive cannabinoid delivery solutions, today announced the acquisition of the popular Chill Pill™ brand, an extensive line of soft, easy-to-swallow soft gel caps and all of its assets, from Desert Medical Campus, in an all-cash transaction.

The Chill Pill brand, founded in 2018 by Andrew Provencio at his Desert Medical Campus facility, offered the first THC soft gel cap on the market in Arizona. The product quickly gained dominance within its product category for both medical and adult use consumers, which it still maintains. The Chill Pill line is now distributed in nearly 40 licensed Arizona dispensaries.

Ally Biotech is the cannabis science company behind the Lipofusion® delivery technology, considered the next generation of oral delivery technologies for the cannabinoid market. Their proprietary nano-liposomal technology protects bio-actives from degradation in the digestive system and provides effective and increased absorption on the cellular level.

Company President, Jim Mackowiak, said plans are underway to expand the Chill Pill line to include new products that are developed with highly bioavailable custom formulations. “The new wave of cannabis consumers value rapid-onset products that are consistent and safe,” he said.

The company’s VP of Business Development, Francis Baczek agrees.

“Chill Pill provides a great delivery system for a consistently accurate dose. We are excited to add new products, expand our team, and bring our improved science and technology to the growth of our business and our brands,” said Baczek. “We have seen tremendous success with the Chill Pill brand because consumers rely upon its products’ accurate dosing, convenience, consistency, and predictable therapeutic effects. Ally Biotech will continue building upon our strong vision for both the medical and adult-use markets, and is well poised to expand the brand successfully.”

Provencio’s long-time business partner and COO of Desert Medical Campus, Pam Donner, concurs. “The company is in good hands with the innovative team at Ally Biotech,” she said.

Mackowiak added that the company has hired key Desert Medical employees and will continue to build a culture of excellence while supporting economic development in Payson, where the current facility is located.

The Chill Pill soft gel cap line includes:

  • Day Caps – a sativa-dominant formula.
  • Anytime Caps – a formulation that combines sativa and indica.
  • Night Caps – an indica dominant formula.
  • Anytime Caps + CBD – a 1:1 blend of THC and CBD.
  • THC-A – Non-intoxicating symptom relief with no psychoactive effects.

For more information on Ally Biotech, visit AllyBiotech.com. For more information about the Chill Pill, visit ChillPillsAZ.com

About Ally Biotech:

Headquartered in Payson, Arizona, Ally Biotech offers highly bioavailable products to leading manufacturers and dispensaries of cannabis products. The Company’s Lipofusion® delivery technology combines nanotechnology and liposomal science to speed product differentiation and innovation. Ally Biotech also offers product development services, and manufacturing-ready, water-soluble Lipofusion THC that can be utilized as a raw ingredient in powder or liquid form in a variety of products. All of the company’s products undergo rigorous testing for purity, potency, safety, and efficacy at third-party laboratories. For more information, visit AllyBiotech.com. To learn more about Chill Pill, visit ChillPillsAZ.com.

About Desert Medical Campus, Inc, originator of the Chill Pill:

Desert Medical Campus, Inc., is a vertically integrated company involved with virtually all aspects of the cannabis and hemp industries, including cultivation, processing, manufacturing, product and brand development, and dispensary operations. The company owns or has been integrally involved with the development of some of the leading, and most award-winning brands in the nation. Desert Medical Campus, Inc is headquartered in Payson, Arizona, and serves clients nationwide. Andrew Provencio, the organization’s founder, developed the Chills Pill soft gel cap line in 2018.

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